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    Cliff Camping in Dorset

    Cliff Camping

    Ready for some fresh adventure in your life? If you’ve not yet tried cliff camping then be prepared for the ultimate adrenaline rush on the beautiful cliffs of Dorset; the perfect new way to enjoy the wild beauty of the coast!

    Enjoy the greatest view on Earth on the side of a cliff!

    We offer unique cliff camping experiences in Dorset led by highly experienced and qualified coaches. If you’ve ever wanted to sleep on a cliff, we have the kit, the know-how and the training to make your Dorset camping trip one of a kind!

    Don’t worry; although it looks like the ultimate in adventuring to camp suspended from a cliff, you will be guided at every step by our highly experienced coaches, in small and intimate groups of friendly and like-minded people. We use the latest kit and equip you with all items and knowledge that you need to have a safe, wonderful experience. Nothing beats drifting off to sleep with the beautiful sea and sunset around you – unless you count the thrill of waking up to the sunrise, the sound of seagulls and the atmosphere of the wild, wonderful coastline. You’ll be amazed at how comfortably you sleep and you’ll love the company of your fellow adventurers as you take in the life-affirming experience together.

    sunset cliff camping

    Sunset or Lunch Cliff Camping Experience

    overnight cliff camping

    Overnight Cliff Camping Experience

    As well as cliff camping we offer adventure climbing for adrenaline fans all across Dorset and beyond, and all of our activities are guided by carefully selected coaches who will guide and encourage you to have the best possible experience. Don’t worry if you are completely new to climbing as we will have you moving confidently and happily in no time.

    Whatever your current ability level, age, confidence and skill, we will make sure you have a wonderful, memorable experience to treasure for a lifetime. Please check our experiences below, or contact our team for full information about eligibility and suitability for these activities.

    Find out why our customers love us, and why many of our adventurers recommend us to their friends and family. Challenge yourself to something new and see the Dorset cliffs and coastline in an entirely new way when you book our cliff camping and adventure climbing courses today. We can’t wait to welcome you to your exciting new cliff-based adventure!

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