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    BMC Ready to Rock course- Intro to Trad climbing
    BMC Ready to Rock Traditional Climbing course in Dorset

    We’re pleased to offer further climbing courses in Dorset this year!

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    Portland coastline
    Planning a climbing trip in Portland

    The Isle of Portland is effectively a huge limestone boulder off the coast of Dorset and is one of the UK’s premier climbing destinations for climbers of all abilities. Trad

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    BMC ready to rock
    Take your indoor climbing outside with BMC Ready to Rock

    If you’re an experienced indoor climber you might be keen to test your newfound abilities on some real rock on the BMC Ready to Rock course.

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    multi pitch sport climbing
    Rocking the Cliffs: Unforgettable Outdoor Climbing Experiences in Dorset

    Welcome to the breathtaking cliffs and rugged landscapes of Dorset! If you’re an adventure enthusiast seeking an adrenaline rush amidst nature’s wonders, outdoor climbing in Dorset is an experience you

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    Coasteering in Dorset
    Ethics and Values of a Good Climbing Instructor

    When you undertake the teaching of coasteering skills to the uninitiated you must strive to be the best there is.

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    Adventure in Boulder Ruckle Swanage UK
    How Should Climbers Contact Emergency Services in Dorset

    When an accident has happened in the middle of nowhere is not the time to start thinking about this!

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    Portland climbing instructor
    A Responsible Climber – Don’t be a Tosser!

    With more people heading out to explore their local hiking trails, climbing route litter is becoming more of a problem for us.

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    Making the Move From Indoor to Outdoor Climbing

    We have produced a guide to help you make a smooth transition from climbing indoors to experiencing the thrill of outdoor climbing safely and responsibly.

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    My Adventures

    Overseas climbing courses
    An overseas climbing trip to Tenerife in winter!

    When I’m not climbing for work, I climb for pleasure! The end of last year saw me jetting off for a climbing trip to Tenerife.

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    Climbing El Cap USA
    USA Cliff Camping Portaledge Fun!

    This blog is about my experience from my first night sleeping on the vertical cliff of El Capitan in the USA.

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    Deep water soloing
    Climbing in Northern Vietnam

    In October 2017, Asia Outdoors, based in Cat Ba Town in Ha Long bay, needed a rock climbing instructor to provide deep water solo staff training and assessments

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    Dorset climbing coach
    The Adventurer’s Guide to Portland

    The Isle of Portland is an adventurer’s dream. Located in Dorset and just at the southernmost point on the Jurassic Coast, this tiny island features plenty of geological features that

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    Social Media Feed

    Congratulations to George and Will on working hard over the past 2 days to complete their rescue course with flying colours. 2 new rescue trained instructors for @goapemoorsvalley. Well done and enjoy your soft drink tonight! 😉

    Less on the social recently but busy on the rock for work and some play. Good to be enjoying some sun at last and low humidity 😁

    Had some blue skies for one afternoon...... Got too excited as it's now back to rain again! 😭 What a suprise!

    Running some more climbing assessments for these folks on Cornwall.

    The BMC Ready to Rock course is designed to help indoor climbers to make their first moves onto rock by having a fun day out, as well as covering the use of some key skills and equipment.

    Next Dorset date:
    May 4th 2024/ Star wars day!😎
    Courses cost £75 per person, with a ...discounted rate of £67.50 per person

    To take best advantage of this course, some prior indoor climbing experience would be useful. You will need to be able to put on and adjust a harness, tie in to the rope and belay a climbing partner.

    Course Content
    A variety of topics will be covered during the day as well as offering a fun taster to outdoor climbing. Topics may include:

    Types of trad climbing equipment
    Placing good protection
    Building good belays
    Using guidebooks
    Seconding/top roping
    Who is it for?
    The Ready to Rock course is ideal for novice climbing club members, students, parents and individuals. Climbers who may have had the odd taster of climbing outdoors and wish to gain further knowledge and skills. You should already know how to put on a harness, tie in to a rope and belay. This is a good precursor for anyone contemplating further training; such as a Rock Skills course or RCI training.

    This course is intended for people aged 18 and over.

    To book:

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    Ready to Rock Climbing Course

    The Ready to Rock course is designed to help indoor climbers to make their first moves onto rock by having a fun day out, as well as covering the use...

    🧗‍♀️🍽️ Score Fueling Your Climbing Adventures: Top UK Foods⛰️

    Calling all climbers and foodies! We know that snacks play a vital role in keeping our energy levels high during epic rock climbing sessions. So, let's embrace the quirks and chuckles of British cuisine ...while exploring the top UK foods to take on your climbing escapades! 🍻🥙

    1️⃣ Fish and Chips of Endurance: 🐟🍟
    What could be more British than devouring crispy fish and chips after a challenging climb? This delightful combo packs a punch, fueling both body and soul. Just make sure to avoid devouring it before you tackle those routes, or you might find yourself looking for extra finger strength to grip that rock!

    2️⃣ Scones for Summit Celebrations: ☕🍰
    After conquering a thrilling climb, why not reward yourself with a traditional cream tea? Freshly baked scones topped with clotted cream and jam will transport you to a world of pure joy. Warning: indulging in too many might leave you feeling baking-ly awesome but also potentially, well, a tad sluggish for your next climb. Moderation is key!

    3️⃣ Banter-Fueled Biscuits: 🍪😂
    Ah, the beloved British biscuits! From chocolate digestives to custard creams, these delightful treats are essential for any climbing expedition. They not only add a dash of humor to your adventure but also serve as small, sweet motivators to keep you going. But don't be tempted to attempt belaying with a biscuit in hand - it might crumble under pressure!

    Remember, it's all about laughter, fueling your body, and embracing the quirks of British cuisine while scaling those stunning rocks. Just make sure to pack enough water and healthy snacks to complement these tasty treats!

    What are your favorite on-the-go UK foods that bring a smile to your face? Share your scrumptious suggestions in the comments below, and let's conquer mountains with our taste buds! 😋💪

    #RockClimbingSnacks #QuirkyBritishCuisine #FuelYourAdventure #ClimbingAndChomping #KeepCalmAndClimbOn

    Back at one of my centres that I support as a technical advisor/expert running an update for the senior team and 3 assessments with real groups. Well done to one half of the dynamic duo! 😉

    Acting extremely dramatically in a rescue practice before the heavens opened...... Again. The weather this week has certainly been a challenge for the folks training and their assessments process.... Type 2 fun!

    Back down with team @viaferrata_cornwall and @bf_adventure running training and assessments for their new staff and re assessments for the experienced team.

    The weather was not the expectation for Cornwall at this time of year! Get your wetsuit on!

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