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    Category: Advice

    Making the Move From Indoor to Outdoor Climbing

    Climbing instructor showing client how to tie a knot.

    We have produced a guide to help you make a smooth transition from climbing indoors to experiencing the thrill of outdoor climbing safely and responsibly.

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    A Responsible Climber – Don’t be a Tosser!

    Portland climbing instructor

    With more people heading out to explore their local hiking trails, climbing route litter is becoming more of a problem for us.

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    How Should Climbers Contact Emergency Services in Dorset

    Adventure in Boulder Ruckle Swanage UK

    When an accident has happened in the middle of nowhere is not the time to start thinking about this!

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    Ethics and Values of a Good Climbing Instructor

    Coasteering in Dorset

    When you undertake the teaching of coasteering skills to the uninitiated you must strive to be the best there is.

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