Seeing as its looking likely Dorset climbers will be heading out again. When you do…. Don’t be a tosser.
In 2020 I spent a few days running some Dorset climbing courses at Dancing Ledge, Dorset. I saw someone had left a tent with 4-5 bags of rotting rubbish inside it. During the day, everyone who went to Dancing Ledge walked past it.
At a guess maybe 400 people a day walked past this. The tent and rubbish had been there for 4 days (4×400= 1600) 1600 people roughly had walked past it. This is happening all over, not just at Dancing Ledge.
Out of 1600 people it only took 3 people to walk all of it back up the hill- Cheers Wilf and Jim!
We all need to take some responsibility!


Dorset climbing route litter

 I love Dorset but at the moment it is getting smashed by tossers and is killing me inside. If you see a tosser doing some tossing then challenge that tosser!
If you have the confidence to go climbing in Dorset then take a smaller risk and respectfully challenge that tosser.
When you enjoy the outdoors, pick up some litter on your walk back and give something back to mother nature rather than just using her all the time.
Whether you are a….
  • Climber be a role model so that locals see you doing your part
  • Dog walkers be a role model that climbers see you doing your part plus take your dog bags back
  • Directors of outdoor companies and climbing walls be a role model for the senior staff
  • Senior staff in outdoor centres be a role model for the instructors
  • Instructors be a role model for your clients
  • If you are a parent be a role model for your kids
  • If you are a kid be a role model for the future

A UK rubbish problem

Climbing route litter isn’t just a problem in the local area of Dorset, around the UK coast more than 2 million pieces of litter are dropped every day. This is a problem for all of us trying to enjoy the outdoors – from rock climbers to paddle boarders.