When you want to learn the ropes and the weather is poor, an indoor climbing course is ideal. Now that we’re halfway through winter and headed for spring, if you’re an experienced indoor climber you might be keen to test your newfound abilities on some real rock.

Read on as we explore why outdoor rock climbing courses are an excellent option where you can enjoy a fun day out that also covers key equipment and skills – the BMC Ready to Rock course.

Who is the course designed for?

Ready to Rock is designed for novice climbers, but to go outdoor rock climbing, specific skills are necessary. To participate in the course, climbers must understand how to put on their harness and adjust it if necessary. They must also know how to tie into the rope as well as belay their climbing partner.

Climbers who are 18 or over, with these basic skills and some experience, are ideal candidates for the course. As a result, novice members of climbing clubs, parents, students, and people looking to improve their abilities and safety skills, will all find Ready to Rock worthwhile.

The outdoor course is also suitable as a preparatory path for climbers who are considering tackling a Rock Climbing Instructor Training course.

What’s included in the course

While essential skills are necessary to take part, the course offers plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and best practices on the rock. Topics covered may include building effective belay and placing sound protection, along with seconding and top roping techniques. Instructors will also explain climbing equipment types and how to use guidebooks efficiently.

Are you ready to rock?

While learning to climb inside can be a lot of fun, taking your skills to the next level in an outdoor environment is exceptionally rewarding. If you’re looking for a smooth transition from indoor climbing to rugged rock, we can help.All of our instructors at Young’s Adventure Solutions are BMC approved with a passion for teaching climbing skills. To find out more about the BMC Ready to Rock course, and book a place, get in touch with our dedicated team today.